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Designing adventures beyond imagination

Jikku Ben Pothen


With a passion for game design that knows no bounds, I am the mastermind behind crafting captivating interactive experiences. As a seasoned Lead Game Designer, I take immense pride in pushing the boundaries of imagination, breathing life into virtual realities that leave players spellbound.


Whether it's navigating a spaceship through collapsing worlds or perfecting the balance of game levels, I thrive on the challenges of creating unforgettable gameplay. The award-winning 2020 GOTY, 2017 Google Play Best of accolade, and the heartwarming appreciation from Walt Disney for my game innovations fuel my unwavering dedication to excellence.

Join me on this enthralling journey as we venture into virtual realms, where creativity knows no bounds, and gaming experiences are crafted with heart and soul. Let's create magic together, one game at a time!



2020 - Present

As a leader of a talented team, responsible for award-winning titles like Spongebob Krusty Cook-Off and Food Truck Chef, I provide design direction, review documentation, manage work hours, and foster a supportive environment where they can rely on me as a dependable mentor.


2018 - 2020

I played a pivotal role in developing an unparalleled AR Metaverse platform that catered to players and users globally. My contributions extended to designing numerous AR games and VR titles. I had the privilege of working on various XR client projects, further expanding my expertise


2012 - 2018

The best kick-start to my career. From pitching innovative concepts to crafting detailed design documents, developing UI flows, wireframes, and meticulously balancing game levels, I fulfilled diverse roles as a content writer, producer, and even had the opportunity to analyze valuable data.

Shrinivasan, CEO 

"A person whom you defenitely want in your team who puts product first and wants product to win"
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